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By Peter Banker

This song, Unknown Legend, written by Neil Young, was recommended by my brother Philip awhile ago and it’s only right that it came from a sibling of mine because my brothers and sister, their spouses, are the unknown legends in my life;  we are apart, but they are with me every day and I call upon them in my mind when I am looking for reserve strength.  They are legendary in that they’ve made me desire to always move to higher ground, to be at my best.

We all came together for a portion of the summer in helping our brother Patrick back to his feet, back to living, as he has been ill for the last few years.  The time had come for action and we all showed up, we all played our part, we all gave Patrick another start, a chance to reclaim his life, and it was because of the deep love we share, the blood we keep, the unspoken promises to be each other’s rock through this life.  These weeks were some of the most profound in my existence and testament to the power of family.

My brother Patrick, you should know, is also an unknown legend and has turned it around.  I’m not sure where he found the strength….perhaps it was religion, the memory of my mother, his awakening to all that he stood to lose or a combination of each in addition to the extraordinary love and support he received from all of us— but he’s back and everyday I am thankful for it, thankful for him certainly, and also thankful for the unrecognized people in life, the unknown legends, who lift and carry us when we need them the most.