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by Peter Banker

band website: https://www.wendydarlingandthelostboy.org/

I wrote Ghosts awhile back and it has been sitting there waiting for the right time to share and it is now.  Initially, it was a tune about the past, the things that haunt, will never go away, the ideas and ruminations that invade your mind, latch on, keep you up at night, weigh on you, slow you down, impede a courageous life.  These are ghosts that haunt us all, are part of the fabric of our lives and thereby can be and must be turned into positive.  These are the ghosts that, if tamed, can bring us forward; they are lessons learned, the scars that post in our souls and we are made stronger by them if we choose.  When I wrote this song, the ghosts had me by the neck, but a lot has changed since then.

 My mother always encouraged us to listen to the damaged ones, those who, as she would say, “have been through it,” as she had been.  They are emissaries, material ghosts, haunted themselves. She said. “Listen to them.”  My mother believed in the ghosts, claimed to have cavorted with them, claimed to have asked for them to leave her, claimed that they did.  She knew who they were, knew where they were and learned to hold them at bay.  

They’re around.  What are you going to do about it?