I was born on January 1,1964 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania to Jane and James Wright. My mother named me Wendy, after the protagonist in the Disney fairytale, Peter Pan. She says she wanted me to keep my youthful spirit and playful nature throughout my life. So far, I have.

Not only did my mother give me my name, but she also gave me the gift of music. She was a music teacher and violinist and got me started on many instruments. It wasn’t until I took her folk guitar class, at age 11, that I realized how much fun the guitar could be. A few chords, some words, and an enthusiastic group of comrades, and the world was yours. As long as I had music to play and songs to sing, I would never have to grow up!

I got more into electric guitar and rock music when I was in high school, and even tried my hand at writing, but it wasn’t until my late 30s that I became more committed. I began taking lessons, found other musicians to play with and started playing out at local festivals, farmer’s markets, and other events. Over the last 10 years, I have written over a dozen songs and recently finished recording two of them.

Just this summer, I started playing music with an old acquaintance who has since become a good friend. I had no idea how well he could sing and play!! and guess what? His name is Peter. Currently, we are putting together a couple of sets and are planning to hit some local venues within the next few months. When we realized we were Wendy and Peter, we couldn’t resist choosing a name from the characters in Peter Pan. After some careful thought, we are going with “Wendy Darling and the Lost Boy,” which can change to “Boys” if we add more musicians. Our goal is to put together some music (covers and originals) with a contagious groove, great harmonies, outstanding solos, a variety of sounds and instruments, and of course, to never, never grow up!